Wishful Wednesday Update


I haven’t done a “Wishful Wednesday” post in quite a while, but this Wednesday, I thought I’d update the blogosphere with purchases I’ve made so far from my past Wishful Wednesday posts. Spoiler: I’ve purchased five of the items (or something substantially similar). Here are some brief thoughts and reviews of those five purchases.

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2014 Lifetime CapTexTri Race Report


Last week, I decided to sign up for the Super Sprint at the CapTexTri, held every Memorial Day in Austin. It was a last minute decision, but I thought it would be fun to tackle a race with a shorter bike leg for my first every triathlon. A few clicks (and $140) later, I was registered for the Super Spring! The Super Sprint is a 400m swim, 10k bike, and a 5k run.  The swim and bike legs are both half the distance of the Sprint (800m swim and 2 laps of the 10k bike course). It’s definitely an event geared towards beginners; in past years, they’ve even called it the “First Tri” event. Read on for my race report!

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Life Lately


It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been super busy these past few weeks! Between training with Iron Chicks for my June triathlons, trying to squeeze in marathon training, and a trip to Mexico for Natalie and Garrett’s wedding, I don’t feel like I’ve had a chance to catch my breath. This post is going to be a (not so) quick overview of life and training lately, so read on if that interests you! [Read more…]

So You Signed up for a Triathlon?


I mentioned back in this post that I was toying with the idea of getting into triathlons. I remember seeing Ironman Kona on an episode of Baywatch Hawaii during the summer in elementary school (don’t judge…). [Side note: apparently there were also two earlier episodes of regular Baywatch that featured an Ironman race in California, but I specifically remember watching the Hawaii episode and being captivated by the Kona race in Season 11, Episode 18 – “The Return of Jessie.” You can watch the full episode here.] If you asked me in 5th Grade to name my life goals, three of them would have been: (1) run a marathon [check!], (2) swim the English channel [because that’s a normal goal for a ten year old…?], and (3) complete the Ironman [I wasn’t aware that there were other Ironman races or that Kona was the championship and original; I thought Kona was the only Ironman]. I wanted to do some kids triathlons growing up, but the timing never worked. Now that I’m getting back into shape and consider myself (sorta) an endurance athlete, I figured it was time to take a shot at that life goal, albeit starting small with a sprint triathlon. [Read more…]

Tunnel Marathon Training Week 6

Training Log

My training continued to improve this week. My mileage (again) wasn’t quite what I’d hoped, but I got some quality work in.  I only ran four days, but I got in a Pilates session and a swimming session, and spent several hours at my triathlon training program kickoff, learning some basic bike maintenance. Oh, that’s right – I pulled the trigger and signed up for a triathlon! And a training program! And it started this week. I’m working with Rogue Training, a local running store and training group here in Austin, doing their “Iron Chicks” beginner tri program.

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2014 Statesman Capitol 10,000 Race Report


Last weekend I ran the Statesman Capitol 10,000 (or the Cap10K) here in Austin. I have absolutely no idea what I can do in a 10K, as I’d only run one 10K before the 2014 Cap10K, and it was in 2007. According to Runner’s World, based on my half marathon times, I should shoot for around a 46 minute 10K. But, as the race date drew nearer, I was not feeling my best and had some tightness through my shins and left Achilles. I was planning on riding to the race with one my best friends, Laura Leigh, and starting with her, and I made the call the day before the race to just run with her and try and pace her. Laura Leigh hoped to run an 8:30 pace, which would put her finishing around 54 minutes.

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Tunnel Marathon Week 5 (3/31/14-4/06/14)

Training Log

Week Five went somewhat better than weeks 3-4, but, to be honest, I’ve decided that I’m starting fresh at Week 6 and just calling it a 13 week training plan instead.  I’m beating myself up over bad weeks, and I need to accept that I can’t change my sub-par mileage in the past and can only change the future.

Last week was decent, though my total mileage was still under 20.  But with an intense flag football game, two Pilates sessions, and a 10k on Sunday, I’d say I got more than enough fitness in.  It was also my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party here in Austin this past weekend. I hadn’t met most of her friends from college before, so it was fun to get to meet the other bridesmaids. Unfortunately, the beautiful weather we had during the week (sunny and in the 80s) disappeared on Friday evening, and Saturday and Sunday were cold, windy, and overcast and rainy. [Read more…]

Tunnel Marathon Weeks 3 & 4 (March 17-23 & March 24-30)

Training Log

It’s been a while since I posted… Sorry! I’ve been feeling pretty bad the last week. Part allergies, part exhaustion. Last weekend (March 21-23) we had the bachelorette party for one of my best friends since third grade, Natalie, here in Austin. Three of the girls stayed with me. And man, I haven’t laughed so much in a long time! We ate at some great restaurants, visited a winery, and hit up 6th Street (two nights in a row). I can’t wait for her wedding in Mexico in only four short weeks! But all that fun took its toll, and I was absolutely exhausted all last week. I tried to do a long run on Monday, but I called it quits after four sluggish miles. I took the rest of the week off of running and focused on catching up on sleep and getting healthy. The flu has been going around my office, and I cannot afford to get the flu right now. But on Saturday, I logged a quality almost-eleven-miler, and I’m feeling much more positive about this training cycle already. We finished up the weekend by heading to Fort Worth for a dear family friend’s wedding on Saturday night, where my dad, brother, and I all had a little too much fun!

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Tunnel Marathon Week 1 (3/10/14-3/15/14)

Training Log

Last week officially kicked off my training for the Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon in North Bend, Washington.  I developed my own training plan based on Hal Higdon’s Advanced I, the Runner’s World 3:30 Marathon Plan, and some others I saw online, but tweaked things around to fit in the road races I have scheduled this spring and put a little more emphasis on speed work. The basic plan calls for speed work, hills, or tempo runs on Mondays and Wednesdays, easy runs on Tuesdays (with Pilates in the evenings) and Sundays, marathon goal pace runs on Fridays, long runs on Saturdays, and my off day on Thursday (with a lunchtime Pilates private session). This week didn’t go completely according to schedule, but I did get some quality miles in. [Read more…]